Best Price Guarantee

If you Found a better price on any online retailer in the UK, please let us know by email [email protected] , give us the link to the lower price website link.  We will compare and offer you a coupon to off set this.

How do I know if a product is in stock?

We have a stock update once every day, this is deduct sales through all of our channels and different site around Europe.  In the rare event we oversold, usually we can get it back in within a day or two.  Should we need more then that we will let you know.


I placed the order when it will arrive.

We have an official commitment of delivery time at 6 working days.  Most of our product arrives earlier. 


How does the warranty works?

As products are sourced globally, manufacturer warranty may not be applicable to you locally.  However Techinthebasket provide you with warranty upto 24 months.  For details please visit here.


I have rush order paid accidentally?

Simply email us at [email protected], with your order id, and request us to do the refund.  As long as you do so within 2 working days, we can still change it back to free shipping.  It will however delay your order by at least 1 working day due to the order need to be reverted to Free shipping, this is counted on the day we confirm the changes


I have received my order, but it does not come with manual?

90% of the time, we order directly from the manufacturer, to save the environment, we rarely take in unit with wasteful advertisment and paperworks such as manual.  however you can easily download such on the internet or simply ask us for a pdf version.  

My lens comes in white box, why?

Most kit lenses such as 18-55, is not really available to be sold seperately.  However we may take a camera kit and and sell the body itself and the lense seperately, therefore the lens would be a white box.  However the product is still in brand new condition at a very attractive price

I have placed my order, but i noticed the address is incorrect?

Please email us quickly with your order id, the address needs to be changed and the reason for the change.  we will check with our risk team to see if it is possible.  Otherwise most of time you can request the same with the courier to make changes.  Please kindly note that, we can only notify the courier of the change, we cannot and will not change it directly due to security reasons


I ordered a body DSLR but received a Kit box

We may on occasion depending on stock, send kit box out, this is because we may split a kit set into body (with all the needed accessories) and the lens to be sold seperately.  As at times, such may provided even better prices for you.  


I ordered a mobile phone but the seal is broken

Depending on model and where we source it from, we may open the box to ensure all the contents are available to you before dispatching.  This is to save both of us time and avoid returns because it is dead on arrival or missing parts of the contents


I have emailed you with enquiry, but received no reply. 

Our customer services replies to email within 24 hours.  In the event you have not received a reply within such time, please check you spam mail or add us to your exclusion list and email us again. 


It seems that you only take payment from PayPal, can I pay by credit card?

Yes, here's instruction for credit card payment.

1. Check out by clicking on the yellow button, “Paypal Express Button”, in product detail page or check-out page.

2. You will be redirected to “Paypal” checkout page directly. Then, you will find “Pay with a credit card or debit card” as an option there.

I live close to you, can I pick up the product directly?

We will provide delivery service and will dispatch your order by DPD or royal mail. Our regular delivery time usually takes around 6-8 business days including handling time.

How will I know if my order was successfully placed?

Once the payment has been settled, you will be redirected to the order confirmation page which showing the Order ID. Also, an automated confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address. If confirmation email was not sent to you within 24 hours, we guess that the order was not successfully placed.

How can I cancel my orders?

Please contact our Customer Service Support for further assistance, [email protected]

Can I pay my order by instalment?

Currently, we do not accept such payment method.