Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro R190 Bluetooth ANC Earbuds Wireless - Phantom Silver

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  • Active Noise Cancellation Control + Isolation
  • Intelligent Conversation Mode
  • 2 Way Bigger Dynamic Speaker Design
  • Water resistant IPX7

Introducing Galaxy Buds Pro

These are true wireless earbuds, with pro-grade technology for immersive sound like never before. While Intelligent ANC lets you seamlessly switch between noise canceling and fully adjustable ambient sound. So let the outside in - or keep it out. It's your world. Galaxy Buds Pro let you hear the best of it.

INTELLIGENT ANC: Noise canceling you can control

Active Noise Canceling on Galaxy Buds Pro filters out up to 99 percent of background noise. Microphones on the inside and outside monitor noise in real time. Choose the ANC level to dial the world up or down with an intelligent algorithm that cancels out the noise: turn it to High on a noisy bus, or use Low in a quiet library - no need to change the volume.

IMMERSIVE SOUND: Get lost in the studio sound

From the highest treble to the deepest bass, notes come through beautifully, thanks to custom-built 2-way speakers with sound by AKG. Galaxy Buds Pro offer the most immersive sound experience on Galaxy Buds, whether you're listening to a new album or the audiobook for your next road trip.

360 AUDIO: Lifelike audio that immerses you with incredible realism

Experience 360 Audio so engaging, it shifts you into the middle of the scene. With Dolby Head Tracking technology, Galaxy Buds Pro place you into the center of your favorite video, movie or TV show. The intelligent motion-tracking sensor pinpoints the direction of the sound as you move your head, enabling a powerful sense of realism in your listening experience. And with content in Dolby Atmos, hear every detail with greater clarity, and feel a deeper connection to the story.

AUTO SWITCH: Switch it up without a hitch

Auto Switch on Galaxy Buds Pro detects what's most pressing and instantly shifts its connection to that device. So, when you're watching a movie on your tablet and get a call, Galaxy Buds Pro switch the audio to your phone. Then once you hang up, Galaxy Buds Pro seamlessly connect back to the tablet - flipping from device to device without you even touching a screen.

BUDS TOGETHER: Share the sound with your bud

Keep your earbuds in and let a friend tune in, too. Buds Together lets you connect two sets of Galaxy Buds Pro to your phone at the same time, so you can both listen to your BFF playlist with pro-grade sound quality.

SECURE FIT: The right fit is right here

A new take on the classic earbud shape, the design lessens discomfort when you're tuned in for hours, and stays securely in your ears while working out. And with air vents that balance the pressure in your ear and increase air flow, it's such a natural fit you may forget you're wearing them.

BATTERY LIFE: Power to keep the beat going

Turn on ANC and Galaxy Buds Pro give you 5 hours of play time with 13 more in the case. That's 18 hours total. When ANC is off, you get 28 hours total, with 8 hours of play time - and 20 more in the case. Whether you've got a day full of video conferences, catching up with friends or just jamming to your favorite playlist, Galaxy Buds Pro have the power to keep you connected and listening.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro R190 Bluetooth ANC Earbuds


Charging case

Charging cable


Product Model:Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro R190 Bluetooth ANC Earbuds
Compatible Specification of Smartphone:Android: 7.0 or higher, with over 1.5GB of RAM.
Package Contents:Charging Case, Earbuds, Eartips (S, M, L), Quick Start Guide, USB Cable
Profile: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP
Typical Usage Time:5-18 hours
Battery Capacity:Earbud: 61 mAh / Case: 472 mAh
Battery life:ANC & Bixby voice wake-up ON 4.5/16 hours
ANC or Bixby voice wake-up ON 5/18 hours
ANC & Bixby voice wake-up OFF 8/28 hours
Earbud Dimension:20.8 mm x 20.6 mm x 19.6 mm
Earbud Weight:6.3 g
Case Dimension:50 mm x 50.3 mm x 27.7 mm
Case Weight:44.9 g
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