Generic 45m Water Proof Case for GoPro Hero8

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  • Dive Deep
  • Anti-Fog Inserts

Dive Deep

Our camera housings have a rubber O-Ring around the back door to create an airtight seal every time. They are designed to be submerged up to 150 Feet ( 45 Meters ) under water without leaking

Anti-Fog Inserts

You can now film longer and significantly reduce the risk of moisture or condensation forming on the inside of the camera housing. Place a few inserts into the extra spaces on the sides of the camera before filming to prevent any fog build up on the lens

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Generic 45m Water Proof Case for GoPro Hero8


Product Model:

Generic 45m Wasserresistente Schutzhülle für GoPro Hero 8

Compatible Model:

GoPro Hero 8


Up to 45 m


105 g

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